Investing in notes/trust deeds

In this 60-minute webinar, Heather breaks down what is note investing and how investors can target returns through real estate without getting  there hands dirty!

  • What is a mortgage note or trust deed
  • Know the difference between performing and non-performing notes
  • What are the risks when investing in notes
  • How to conduct due diligence on an investment and operator
  • The importance of working with the right loan servicing company
  • The lifecycle of a trust deed/note
  • Examples of real properties available for investment
  • Taking a self-assessment to understand your investing goals
  • Includes special offer at end of webinar

The Confident Investor—conducting due diligence on an investment

In this webinar, Heather teams up with multi-family expert, Sarah Sullivan of Sugo Capital to talk about what questions to ask of a fund and its operators.

  • What questions to ask an operator
  • The importance of other vendors involved in the investment process
  • The kinds of reporting you should expect to receive
  • Understanding your objectives to eliminate investment types
  • Includes special offer at end of webinar


Many people are unaware that a IRA can be used to invest into alternative investments such as real estate.

In this webinar, Heather educates listeners about using a  self-directed IRA to grow your retirement savings.  This is a real eye-opener and presents an opportunity for investors to target returns through real estate to grow their retirement nest egg.

  • How you can benefit from an IRA custodian
  • The difference between a regular IRA and a “self-directed” IRA
  • What kinds of investments you can make with a self-directed IRA
  • Legally purchasing Real Estate with your IRA
  • The big difference between a Roth and a traditional IRA
  • The self-directed IRA Road Map
  • Includes special offer at end of webinar