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Target double-digit returns from passive real estate investments in Secured Investment High Yield Fund II

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Our Target Markets

Fund Asset Classes: the manager targets 25% fund balance held in real property assets in the local market and 75% held in non-owner occupied single-family residential loans.

Who Can Invest

Accredited Investors can invest in Fund II. This is NOT a REIT or Stock.

Who Are We?

We have helped thousands of borrowers by funding hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate backed private money loans. We provide private lenders and real estate investors the ability to connect and build powerful and profitable strategic alliances. Lenders grow their net returns on their invested capital and real estate investors grow their investment portfolios

Min/Max Offering Amount

Investment Objectives: The Secured Investment High Yield Fund II, LLC (“Fund”) strategy is to create attractive risk-adjusted returns by funding a diverse pool of short- term, high-yield, real estate loans. The Fund offers the benefits of trust deed investing without the barriers to entry inherent with trust deed investing, including real estate experience and time commitment. The Fund intends to invest in first trust deeds secured by non-owner occupied residential properties with one to four (1-4) units (“Target Assets”).

Size of Offering: The Fund is offering an unlimited number of membership interests (“Interests”). However, the Manager may increase or decrease the size of the offering. The minimum size of the fund shall be $500,000.

Minimum Commitment: The minimum subscription by a Member will be $50,000, subject to change at the discretion of the Manager, which also has discretion to reject a subscription for any reason.


Secured Investment High Yield Fund II, LLC (the “Company” or “the Fund”) was formed for the purpose of providing participating investors with a real estate focused investment opportunity through private money notes and carefully chosen real estate projects.

The Fund is managed Secured Investment Corp (“SIC” or the “Fund Manager”), a company that specializes in the origination of real estate notes for investors, real estate fund management, loan servicing, and the education of real estate investors. The Fund is managed by three highly experienced real estate and finance professionals with a combined 50-plus years of experience in the real estate.


This presentation for Secured Investment Corp and any appendices or exhibits (the “Presentation”) have been prepared by Secured Investment Corp for information purposes only. This Presentation is confidential and for its intended audience only. Recipients of this Presentation may not reproduce, redistribute or pass on, in whole or in part, in writing or orally or in any other way or form, this Presentation or any of the information set out herein. This Presentation does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase limited partnership interests in any security. Any prospective investor is advised to carefully review all of the private placement memorandum, operating agreement and subscription documents (“Investor Documents”) and to consult their legal, financial and tax advisors prior to considering any investment in Secured Investment Corp. The materials contained in this Presentation contain a summary and overview of Secured Investment Corp as currently contemplated by Secured Investment Corp in order to obtain initial feedback from potential investors. Secured Investment Corp may change some terms prior to finalization of the Investor Documents. This Presentation does not purport to be complete and is superseded in its entirety by the information contained in the Investor Documents. Past performance is not indicative of future returns or results. Individual investment performance, examples provided and/or case studies are not indicative of overall returns of Secured Investment Corp. In addition, there can be no guarantee of deal flow in the future. Some of the statements in this Presentation, including those using words such as “targets,” “believes,” “expects,’’ “intends,’’ “estimates,’’ “projects,’’ “predicts,’’ “anticipates,’’ “plans,’’ “pro forma,’’ and “seeks” and other comparable or similar terms are forward-looking statements. Forward looking statements are not statements of historical fact and reflect Secured Investment Corp’s views and assumptions as of the date of the Presentation regarding future events and performance. All forward-looking statements address matters that involve risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, there are important factors that could cause Secured Investment Corp’s actual results to differ materially from those indicated in these statements. Secured Investment Corp believes that these factors include, but are not limited to, those described in the “Risk Factors” section of Secured Investment Corp’s confidential private placement memorandum.


Targeted Opportunities

Residential Loans
• Loans that require quick closing and that banks cannot fund.
• Borrowers will include real estate investors who seek to purchase and renovate investment properties for the purpose of selling such properties.
• Some borrowers may include real estate investors who are part of The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing.

Asset Class
• Loans will be secured by non-owner occupied single family residential properties and multi-family properties.
• The Company may also consider funding construction loans and loans secured by unimproved entitled land.

Direct acquisition of non-owner occupied residential real estate
• The Company will seek to acquire non-owner occupied real estate on an opportunistic basis. Such properties may be remodeled and subsequently leased and/or sold, thus providing an additional source of income to the Company.

Acquisition of distressed real estate for the purpose of rehabilitating, improving and subsequently renting and/or selling such properties for profits
• The Company will purchase properties that can be rehabilitated and resold for profit. The Company intends to purchase properties and distressed properties at a discount to current (or projected) fair market value and subsequently seek to sell these properties for profit.

Other Opportunities
• The Company may also co-invest in loans with third party and/or affiliated lenders by providing funds for or purchasing a fractional undivided interest in a loan.


As compensation for the management of the Fund, the Manager shall be entitled to receive an annual asset management fee equal to 1.75% of the Fund’s Asset Base payable quarterly (“Management Fee”). The Management Fee shall be payable on the first day of a calendar quarter based upon the Company’s Asset Base as of the last day of the preceding calendar quarter. The Management Fee shall be first payable on the first day of the calendar quarter following the first deployment of the Fund’s capital. “Asset Base” shall equal: (i) cash and the fair market value of permitted temporary investments; (ii) the principal loan amount associated with a Target Asset; and (iii) the amount of reserves maintained by the Fund.

Net Available Proceeds From Operations shall be distributed as follows:

(a) First, to all Members and Transferees, according to their Sharing Ratios, a non-accruing amount payable quarterly equal to two and one quarter percent (2.25%) of the positive Unrecovered Capital Accounts of such Members and Transferees (which shall be adjusted from time to time, and calculated pursuant to Section 6.4)  (for the avoidance of doubt, if a quarterly distribution of less than two and one quarter percent (2.25%) of the positive Unrecovered Capital Accounts is made, or if no distribution is made (either defined as a “Shortfall”), there shall be no obligation for the Company to restore a Shortfall in a later quarter); and

(b) Second, fifty percent (50%) to the Manager and fifty percent (50%) to all Members and Transferees according to their Sharing Ratios.

“Net Available Proceeds From Operations” shall mean the gross cash proceeds from Company operations (other than proceeds from capital transactions, discussed below), less the portion thereof used to pay or establish reserves for all Company expenditures (including the Management Fee) and contingencies, and less any non-cash proceeds that may not, for any reason, yet be distributable, all as determined by the Manger. Net Available Proceeds From Operations includes monthly interest payments received by the Company on any Target Asset funded by the Company, the Company’s portion of Origination Points, and payments from the borrower to the Company that are attributable to default interest and/or late payments.

Net Capital Transaction Proceeds will be distributed as follows:
• First, to all Members pro-rata according to each Member’s positive unrecovered capital commitment until each Member has received distributions equal to a 9% cumulative annual return on each Member’s positive unrecovered capital commitment;
• Second, to all Members pro-rata according to each Member’s positive unrecovered capital commitment until each Member’s positive unrecovered capital commitment has been reduced to zero;
• Third, 50% to the Members on a pro-rata basis and 50% to the Manager.

“Net Capital Transaction Proceeds” means the net cash proceeds resulting from the refinance, sale, disposition, exchange or other transfer of all or any portion of a Target Asset held by the Fund, less any portion thereof used to establish reserve for all Fund expenditures and contingencies, and less any portion thereof to be used for reinvestment Net Capital Transaction Proceeds includes funds received by the Fund from (i) the sale of Target Assets funded by the Fund; (ii) a borrower for a pay-off of a Target Asset funded by the Fund; and (iii) an insurance company due to a loss of a property securing a specific trust deed.