Mortgage Notes

Active Real Estate Investing

What Are Mortgage Notes?

Mortgage notes (trust deeds) are an alternative asset class within active real estate investing. They have many benefits and present unique opportunities for people interested in real estate but lack the time to actively invest in properties. They can also earn higher-than-average returns. On average, investors in our platform have historically earned 8-12% by lending their money securely on real property in the United States.

Due Diligence

How Do We Check Each Opportunity for Our Private Lenders? We call it the 4-Pronged Approach to a Value-Based Loan. We Check:

Deal Structure

Are the terms attractive?


Is it in a valuable and viable area?


Does the deal have enough upside to offer protection?


Can they service the debt?

Next Steps

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AVAILABLE MORTGAGE NOTES: Through our platform, you get direct access to exclusive real estate lending opportunities that you would never see otherwise. We provide wide and diverse property types, loan amounts, and loan terms so that you can build your own portfolio your OWN WAY, while benefiting from the diversification of a broad spectrum of lending opportunities.

Browse these exclusively available and pre-evaluated notes that have gone through superior due diligence processes and fraud detection systems.

SOLD MORTGAGE NOTES: These lender opportunities get scooped up fast! If you're interested in investing in a note, don't wait too long. Chances are someone else is interested in targeting strong returns on it too. Below are notes other investors have invested in. If you're ready, go to Available Notes section to see which deal could be your next to target passive income.
TOP TEN NOTES: When you hear “real estate investing,” you may think of house flippers or property owners managing rental properties for extra cash flow. If you’re interested in investing in real estate, but that sounds like a lot of work, there is such a thing as passive real estate investing.
One type of real estate investing that provides passive income and does not require maintaining a property is real estate note investing. It can be a great way to target generational wealth and create ongoing income.
Check out these Top Ten Notes of the Week as they first as they become available (they go fast!), so you too can begin targeting a passive income through real estate this year and next!

SUCCESSFULLY PAID OFF MORTGAGE NOTES: Success is sweet! Check out these loan payoffs! So many lenders are helping competent real estate investors realize success in the housing market, while also experiencing stronger returns and enjoying a consistent and ongoing income because of it.