Passive Investing in Real Estate: A Pathway to Creating Wealth

Passive Investing in Real Estate: A Pathway to Creating Wealth

This is a previously recorded version of the April 2022 edition of CEO Fireside

About Heather Dreves

Heather Dreves, Director of Funding and Fund Manager, has worked in the Private Money Industry for over 16 years. Heather has been directly involved in raising over 300 million dollars in trust deed notes and runds for Secured Investment Corp’s High Yield Equity Funds.

Table of Contents

  • The Four Main Asset Classes [15:10]
  • Where to Diversify Your Wealth [16:52]
  • How the Asset Classes Compare [18:09]
  • What is Passive Investing? [22:02]
  • SIC’s Investment Strategies [29:50]
  • SIC High Yield Fund II LLC [38:52]
  • Circle of Wealth Fund III LLC [39:32]
  • How Income is Produced in SIC’s Funds  [42:25]
  • Investing in Trust Deeds & Notes [44:14]
  • What is Trust Deed & Note Investing [46:18]
  • Types of Real Estate Backed Notes [49:20]
  • Notes Offered by SIC [52:34]
  • Life Cycle of Trust Deed/Note Investing [57:15]
  • What Types of Investments are Right for You? [1:02:37]

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