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Circle of Wealth Fund III Q&A

We’ve received an astronomical amount of interest in our newest Fund, The Circle of Wealth Fund III LLC (the “Fund”), so we wanted to take a moment to answer some of the most common and most important questions about the Fund and investing passively. But before we get started, we want you to know that
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Investment management. Portfolio diversification.

Evolution of Diversification

For as long as investing has been a concept, so too has the 60/40 rule. Foundationally the 60/40 rule means to have 60% of your investments into higher risk higher yield investments like stocks, and the remaining 40% of your investments into lower risk lower yield investments like government issued bonds. Over the years this
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The Power of Self-Directed Wealth

2021 is here and with the new year comes a refreshed batch of financial goals and ambitions. As you ponder your goals, here are some questions you should ask yourself: Are my goals in line with my current and future financial needs? Am I participating in tax advantaged 401k and IRA accounts? If so, am
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