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what is lien position

What is Lien Position?

Many people consider lien position an important concept when it comes to real estate investing. Lien holder position is not something you want to ignore because doing so could be detrimental in the long run. Depending on what position you hold, you can have less or more risk for your investment. Read on to learn
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What is a first trust deed

What is a First Trust Deed?

When people think of real estate investing, they envision an HGTV show with a glamorous host who parades in front of a camera, finding and flipping properties for profit. But did you know there are several different ways you can invest in real estate besides flipping properties? What is a first trust deed? Trust Deeds,
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what is a mini ipo

What is a Mini IPO?

Have you ever watched someone ring the bell at the stock market exchange to kick off the trading day? Sometimes these events revolve around an important, and much publicized public offering for a burgeoning startup company. But imagine ringing the bell for you own startup IPO investment opportunity.  With changes to the world of alternative investments
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using self directed IRA to flip houses

7 Reasons for Using Self-Directed IRA to Flip Houses

Real estate investors face funding challenges at times due to a number of reasons.  One of those is having too much money in physical assets (properties) which leaves them short on cash.  One little know strategy to overcome these hurdles involves using self-directed IRA to flip houses.  Read on to learn of the benefits of
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Traditional IRA Deadline Extension

It’s getting to be that time of year again. No, I don’t mean the Holiday season time, I mean tax time. That dreaded three-letter word “TAX” means it’s time to gather paperwork and review plans for the rest of the year. One thing that can help is understanding the traditional IRA deadline extension and contribution
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Is Real Estate a Good Hedge Against Inflation?

Active investors keep an eye on their money, the economy, and on what’s happening on Wall Street. One question that is often asked—is real estate a good hedge against inflation? Understanding what is a “hedge” and how inflation works will help explain why hedges, and in particular, a real estate inflation hedge, might work for
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