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using self directed IRA to flip houses

7 Reasons for Using Self-Directed IRA to Flip Houses

Real estate investors face funding challenges at times due to a number of reasons.  One of those is having too much money in physical assets (properties) which leaves them short on cash.  One little know strategy to overcome these hurdles involves using self-directed IRA to flip houses.  Read on to learn of the benefits of
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Traditional IRA Deadline Extension

It’s getting to be that time of year again. No, I don’t mean the Holiday season time, I mean tax time. That dreaded three-letter word “TAX” means it’s time to gather paperwork and review plans for the rest of the year. One thing that can help is understanding the traditional IRA deadline extension and contribution
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Is Real Estate a Good Hedge Against Inflation?

Active investors keep an eye on their money, the economy, and on what’s happening on Wall Street. One question that is often asked—is real estate a good hedge against inflation? Understanding what is a “hedge” and how inflation works will help explain why hedges, and in particular, a real estate inflation hedge, might work for
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active vs passive real estate investing

Active vs Passive Real Estate Investing

Are you interested in real estate investing but don’t know where to start? Read on about the differences between active vs passive real estate investing and how you can take action to learn more. Active Real Estate Investing: Get Your Hands Dirty When people think about investing in real estate, they might think of the
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Magnifying Glass amd Money

Why Verivest Verification Matters

Who is Verivest? Why are we over the moon about this partnership? The short version, transparency. Verivest is an end-to-end real estate investment platform designed to bring transparency and trust to middle-market investing. Sponsors are verified through institutional-grade due diligence and portfolio monitoring, allowing investors to assess the right deals for their investment goals more confidently. And in some cases, like ours, Verivest
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Middle class neighborhood

Non-Recourse Loans

Did you know that certain lenders, like COGO Capital, allow you to acquire a loan to purchase real estate investment assets through your IRA instead of you personally? These types of loans are called “Non-Recourse” loans and are not very common. But they can be a powerful strategy for you on your path to building
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