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Secured Investment Corp

A message from our CEO

Secured Investment Corp is one of the fastest growing companies in the private money marketplace in the United States. With over 125 years of combined specialized loan expertise, we have built a comprehensive peer-to-peer lending platform focused on non-owner occupied residential and commercial real estate.
Since inception we have helped hundreds of borrowers by funding millions of dollars in real estate backed private money loans. We continue to see the number of borrowers and lenders grow exponentially quarter over quarter.
Secured Investment Corp provides private lenders and real estate investors the ability to connect and build powerful and profitable strategic alliances. Lenders are able to grow their net returns on their invested capital and real estate investors are able to grow their investment portfolios.
Secured Investment Corp is a complete resource for investors and borrowers interested in learning about private money and real estate investing. This site connects you to a wealth of education, knowledge and service divisions, including COGO Capital – The Private Money Company, The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investment and Lake City Servicing. It is through this family of companies that we fulfill our mission. Through the Circle of Wealth philosophy we provide access to services and resources necessary for those interested in achieving and furthering financial freedom through real estate.
The Circle of Wealth is where novice real estate investors engage in discovering how they can successfully invest in real estate. This education is a foundational element to future success in finding, financing and selling real estate for a profit. We call this the Real Estate Learning stage and makes up the Real Estate Investing hemisphere of the Circle of Wealth. This learning phase or step includes training and mentoring to build solid understanding and confidence to successfully invest in real estate. In this phase an investor actively works to create income; this we call Active Income.
This Active Income stage includes an investor finding a great investment, or “deal”, and then borrows to fix and flip the property for a profit, or they will fix and hold the property for positive cash flow. A Private Lender provides funding through a Private Money Loan. As an investor assembles a portfolio of successful deals and properties, their Active Income grows to create wealth. As this wealth grows, an investor can move from Active Income to Passive Income.
Passive Income is achieved through being a Private Lender where an investor now turns their focus on lending rather than borrowing. Through lending to borrowers a Private Lender takes a more passive role in the Circle of Wealth. As a peer-to-peer lender a Private Lender continues to grow their wealth by providing the needed capital to Active Income investors thus completing the Circle of Wealth. Individuals can enter and progress through the circle at any point, and can be Active or Passive Investors at any given time. It is through this Circle of Wealth that Secured Investment works with real estate investors.