Secured Investment Corp

A messsage from our CEO
Secured Investment Corp is one of the fastest growing private money marketplaces in the United States. With over 75 years of combined specialized loan expertise, we have built an elegant and comprehensive lending platform. Since our inception we have helped hundreds of borrowers and have funded millions of dollars in real estate backed loans, and see these numbers growing exponentially each and every quarter.

As you may know, funding is the most noted challenge in today's real estate investing market. Although lending and liquidity are the lifeblood of every business, government intervention and subsequently bank's tougher credit restrictions have all but dried up the lending sources to many small businesses and real estate investors throughout the United States.

Yet, even as this is happening, everyone, from Washington D.C. to Wall Street, is declaring that entrepreneurs and real estate investors are the means to our economic recovery. Similarly, the Federal Housing Finance Administration says that investors are the solution to the housing market crisis.

This being the case, an essential answer to the funding shortage is private sources to capital.

Secured Investment Corp gives lenders and real estate investors the ability to connect and build powerful and profitable strategic alliances: lenders are able to grow their net returns on their invested capital and real estate investors are able to grow their investment portfolios.

Secured Investment Corp is also a complete resource for investors and borrowers interested in educating themselves about private money and real estate. This site connects you to a wealth of our educational and service divisions, which include Private Money Exchange, The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investment, and Cogo Capital.